Five Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas!

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Want to make a statement on Halloween? Scary Halloween makeup is the key to almost every costume you could think of on that day! If you have a special party to attend or just want to dress up, then you should absolutely check our awesome list of easy DIY Halloween makeup ideas.

Best of women Halloween makeup tutorials:

 #1 Sugar Skull Halloween makeup

The Sugar Skull makeup is very simple but looks amazing! With this makeup idea, you don’t need a special Halloween costume. Thanks to the special shadowing effects and your face will basically become your costume and so you don’t need to put much effort into it anymore! 

What you need to prepare the Halloween Sugar Skull makeup:

  1. Liquid eyeliner
  2. White Lipstick
  3. Eye shadow (color of choice)

#2 Vampire Lady makeup

Do you want to create a really spooky impression during the Halloween party? Then give this look a try! Sclera lenses will make you look scary and will transform you into a vampire in no time.

What you need for the Vampire Lady look:

  1. Sclera lenses
  2. White based Makeup
  3. Black eyeliner
  4. Artificial blood
  5. Black and grey eye shadow
  6. Piercings are optional

#3 Harlequin Doll makeup

The Harlequin Doll makeup is the embodiment of Halloween. What’s more important, is that it’s simple and it will secure you a great impression at the Halloween party! 

What cosmetics do you need for this makeup:

  1. Red Lipstick
  2. White based makeup
  3. Black eyeliner
  4. Black lipstick
  5. Gold eyeliner
  6. Very thin Makeup Brush (to apply the cosmetics on your eyes and lips)
  7. Makeup fixing spray (will make your makeup last longer)

#4 Half Zombie Halloween makeup

There is no way we can imagine Halloween without zombies! Therefore we recommend you trying this spooky zombie Halloween makeup. With this makeup, you can be sure that you will shine and make a scary impression. All the treats will be yours! 

What cosmetics do you need:

  1. White based makeup
  2. Black eye shadow
  3. Black based makeup
  4. Black eye pencil
  5. Red Lipstick

#5 Scary Ghost Lady makeup

This might be a classic Halloween makeup idea, but it is timeless and will still terrify the people around you. You don’t need a lot of different makeup products to create this look and probably you already have all of them in your bathroom. If you want to have an additional effect use sclera lenses.

What you need for the Scary Ghost Lady look:

  1. White based makeup
  2. Black eyeliner
  3. Black eye shadow
  4. Brown eye shadow
  5. Black lipstick 

Enjoy trying out these amazing Halloween makeup ideas and don’t forget to say: Trick or treat and Happy Halloween!

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